Monday, July 20, 2009

Who True Friend

About friendship or anything to say before, we read a story of two friends, which you might hear people will understand that friendship is something so deep.

Once two friends - Leander and molasses, were passing through a forest. Suddenly, a river to reach any of them from the fight was on. Things - things that were growing in the fight so the molasses in anger Leander Jd given a slap in the face, back on the Leander definitely did not say anything to him, but just along the river, he wrote that it had mud on my best friend today insulted me. Very long after this incident the two were sitting by a river. And then the evening swimming in the river have to jump. Both were swimming in the river that Leander was in the deep water. Where all of a sudden to the crocodile in front of her has come! Save the view of the crocodile, he - began to shout save. Their lives to hear his voice molasses care without taking into collision with the crocodile. He's right eye on the crocodile had killed his elbow. Leander and picking up the crocodile Bilbila except Lpaka come to the molasses, but Since molasses was अलॅर्ट already, so he rapidly reached the shore by swimming. On the shore could not come quickly as crocodiles. Thus, the two friends learn survived.

Leander, after this incident the river rock on the edge of my most dear friend wrote today that the defense of my life. It asked that the molasses on the soil before you had written on the rock And now, why? Leander replied that it hurt you when a friend brought, it must write on the sand, so that when the air out, the words themselves - B - Ud himself with sand to play and friendship when a friend, then let him write on the rock , so that it is lasting for a lifetime.

So guys, you guys must have understood that message Vot to Giv U V Vont. Now let's talk some funds of the Friendship of the people following you will find true friends.

Take the initiative

The key to a friendship with Fnda that you take yourself Inishiattiv. Means used to put the initiative. Often we are left waiting for that friendship to us first before going to take the initiative. If you make a true friend, then know that in friendship there is no place for Igo. So new people for friendship Hejitet without your hand should be raised.

How to maintain friendship

So it is easy to be friends, but it is very difficult to fulfill. However, to maintain a deep friendship is essential that both you and your friends - and their complete faith in the other Sikrets also to share with each other. Actually, to reduce the distances that you need one - about the other family lives. Remain good friends, for it is necessary, while the argument on any subject are not aggressive. When you feel that the matter is getting complicated, the dialogue immediately Topik change. Avoid unnecessary tension with each other it can be. Always a - should respect each other's Filings.

With his friend in the absence of any evil or hear her. If someone talk to you about her Nigativ, the deaf ear to him, so he again say something against your friends did not dare. And one thing is very important. In fact, the true Friendship Menten to you some people to be sensible.

Small - a small thing - do not harm the other. Most often our friend Junior very soon my friends are angry with each other and to turn off the conversation. By doing so you lose a friend Velbisr.

Tips for strong bond of friendship

1. Friendship for anyone to own initiative.

2. Friendship in a small - small Sakrifais to always be prepared.

3. Friendship is a relationship that you own Sanjote, so keep your friends believe.

4. Friends to share things with your Hickichaa not.

5. Anytime my friend do not harm someone else.

How to recognize true friend

For true friendship is not a formula Verifaid. Just, you know your Akspirians find that on the basis of who is your true friend! When you are in any trouble at that time and your best friend who helps, that is your true friend. X Remember that friend in need is a friend indeed. What are you thinking about now, this Sunday on the occasion of Friendship Day on true friendship ऐंड Celebrate Dec रेजॅल्यूशॅन Take A Day Vid Difrent style.

Alphabet `s Says

F - Faithful

R - Reliable

I - In touch

E - Enduring

N - Needed

D - Devoted

Abhishek Mehrotra
Most people live in the hope that someone ahead and make friends with them, but what happens? After all, how is friendship? Who is a true friend? , Where all of a sudden to the crocodile in front of her has come! Save the view of the crocodile, he - began to shout save.

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