Monday, July 20, 2009

Who True Friend

Anybody life can have many friends but True Friends are countable they are not much. A true friend understand know you better you. He or She know All your weakness and strengths all your success and failures. True friend can joks nd enjoy with you.
but whenever you need her or his help he ready for you in midnight.

True Friends Share all the feelings, moments, idea and foolish things which they feel or enjoy. They Experience together feelings they share every thoughts  any genuine or foolish thought which they can't express with any other person but they share with there true friends. and they feel ultimate feeling of life. they do foolish thing with dare and really enjoy that.

Some Time miss understanding breach the true friendship so be clear if you feel the chance of miss understanding then please sort out it with together. third person can also exploit your friendship and take advantages of your miss understanding. you need to talk very clearly. don't let go your true friends because of shit miss understanding.

because true friends are very close so that some person show you like they are your true friends but they are not really. so be careful person like that they are very bad selfish person they leave your hand in between. when you choose your true friend don't judge them how he look. how he or she cool attitude judge them by seeing their heart. how much he or she cool from heart. how much he or she care about you.


Wednesday, April 29, 2009

freedom of speech


Hello Friends, Please say something from your open heart feel free to speech.
you can talk here in comment what you want this blog will get higher rank because of your love
so do love. be love. enjoy love

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Friday, March 27, 2009

People Comments About Love

Hi all,
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Who Do More Love With her Life Partners

This is challenge to all Lover Boys and Girl Just do(comment it )..